The MLM industry is such an amazing business allowing many mom-entrepreneurs the ability to stay at home while raising a young family. If you’re a new mom or working with a new mom to join your business then you may be interested in how Isagenix income affects Employment Insurance benefits:

  1. If you are claiming maternity benefits (first 15 weeks), CRA will deduct any earnings from your benefits on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
  2. If you are claiming regular or parental benefits (remaining 35 weeks), you claim self-employment income after expenses. 50% of this net income will be deducted from your benefit payments. I find it concerning that CRA expects self employed mothers on parental leave to actually know all their expenses allocated to that weeks income. Unless you’re an accountant, allocating all your eligible deductions for that week is very improbable as we need to take into account housing, vehicle and other bills that haven’t even arrived by the time you make your EI declaration. The net result is less benefits received by you.
  3. This pilot project is about to expire August 1, 2015 and as such we may go back to the old way where you can earn either 25% of your weekly benefit (if weekly benefit is $200 or more); or $50 gross (if weekly benefit is less than $200) without changing the amount of EI benefits you receive. CRA will deduct any money you earn above that amount from your benefits on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Wishing you continued success, Jason