Finding the right salary, dividend and bonus mix can be a headache. We can help you look beyond the numbers and align your long-term financial goals with your immediate business needs. More importantly, we take the time to explain your options and after careful consideration, execute a plan in-line with your goals.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation with multiple holding companies, we will prepare and file your tax returns on-time.

Let our tax specialist ensure the best return is filed keeping your hard earned money out of CRA coffers. We also review your tax planning options like estate planning, trusts, corporate freezes, capital gains deduction that fit you and your business. Ask us how we can help.

Client Testimonials

My husband and I have been very happy with Jason preparing our personal and business tax returns! He was very quick to respond whenever we had questions or concerns, and is happy to provide quick tips/apps/solutions for tracking expenses! Thank you Jason!
Sarah S.
My husband and I are very happy with Jason’s services. He got our tax returns completed quickly. He knows the network marketing industry and was able to help me find tax write offs I didn’t think of for my business. He is also a pleasure to deal with over the phone. Thank you Jason!
Theresa M.
I am so grateful to have an accountant that not only works hard to complete my bookkeeping all year around, and my year end taxes, but one who also explains how it all works (so that I understand more about how to keep more of my hard earned money).
Tara C.
Huge thanks to Jason Watson. I hired Jason last year to help me get my taxes organized and incorporate my business. Thanks to Jason’s exceptional skills, for the first time ever – I have zero stress about doing my taxes and totally organized for the year ahead!
Laura M.
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